Clinical Pilates - Personalised, Specific, Safe, Exercise Prescription

  • Are you restricted by your body’s ability to move well at work, rest or play?
  • Does pain prevent you from living a full and active life?
  • Are you hoping for improved posture, core stability and pelvic floor function “one day”?
  • Are you tired of suffering recurring pain episodes that stop you from doing the things you love doing?
  • Are you noticing a decrease in your strength, balance or mobility as you age?
  • Have had you had surgery in the past and never fully regained your confidence and endurance?
  • Do you want to be assured that the exercise program you are doing is right for your body and is safely investing in your future health?

Our Clinical Pilates can give you so much more…

  • With us, you will get to make gains on your short term goals whilst you focus on long-term results to achieve your personal aspirations. With passion and commitment we know you can create a healthier body and mind.
  • With us, you will have a specifically tailored Clinical Pilates program that is safe, appropriate and individualised, because we understand musculoskeletal pain, injury and chronic disease.
  • You can be assured that the exercise you do is right for your body because you are working to a prescribed program that has been designed and evaluated by expert health professionals.

 Clinical Pilates at North East Exercise Solutions

We provide a relaxed exercise studio at North East Exercise Solutions with friendly people, ample space and specialised equipment.

Pilates group sessions are fully supervised at all times by highly experienced Exercise Physiologist (Shelly Harper) or Physiotherapist (Mandy Hogan). 

Mandy Hogan is well-recognised as a compassionate and experienced Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist. She founded this innovative, evidence-based exercise rehabilitation a decade ago in studios within the North East region of Victoria.

She has been practising in Physiotherapy for 30 years and has 10 years extensive and comprehensive experience in prescribing, developing, and reviewing Clinical Pilates exercise regimes.

She offers expert & specific prescription of individualised, functional exercise rehabilitation for people with multi-factorial physical issues.

Mandy is passionate about being able to positively impact the well-being of her patients with education and exercise.

She will help people create change in themselves.

How to get started with Clinical Pilates…

This is how it’s done……

  • You make an appointment for a physiotherapy Clinical Pilates assessment.
    (Bookings are essential for all assessments, reviews and group exercise session. Phone 0409 577 940)
  • We will prescribe safe & appropriate exercise specifically for you
  • We will teach and assist you in learning the techniques during subsequent consultations
  • You can attend our studio gym for supervised group exercise using specialised equipment and complement it with a home program
  • You can enjoy the health benefits & create an exercise habit that works for you

The Six C’s of Clinical Pilates

Simple principles of Pilates exercise to ensure maximal benefit. These include:

  • CONCENTRATION – Conscious focus on movement enhances body awareness.
  • CONTROL - It’s not about intensity, rather it is about isolating and working the body’s critical stability muscles. Ideal technique brings safe, effective results.
  • CENTRING - a focus on specific muscles to hold and stabilize the pelvis and shoulder blades, underlies the development of a strong core and enables the rest of the body to move efficiently. All action starts from a stable core.
  • CONSCIOUS BREATHING - deep, conscious diaphragmatic inhaling to initiate a movement helps activate deep stabilizing muscles and keep you focused.
  • CORE ALIGNMENT- maintaining a neutral position (joints held in mid-position by deep stabilizing muscles) is the key to proper alignment, and this leads to good posture.
  • CO-ORDINATION - the aim is smooth, continuous motion. Work “smarter” not harder. Repetition is used to “cement” good movement into your brain.

(extracted from Pilates is the real deal in core conditioning. Author Ulrik Larsen. A Special Report from Peak Performance)