Women's Health & Exercise Physiotherapy,  
Mindfulness Consultations

Women's Health & Exercise Physiotherapist, Mindfulness Educator

Mandy has comprehensive experience in using a whole-person integrated approach for:

  • Clinical Pilates; facilitating exercise for core stability and bone density, using a "Reformer on the Mat" approach for home programs
  • Exercise Rehabilitation; keeping older people moving well
  • Women’s Health; resolving discomforts during menopause stages
  • Child-bearing years; ensuring optimal physical function
  • Mind-Body Health; reducing stress with meditation, mindfulness & Tai Chi
  • Persistent pain; therapeutic exercise & Explain Pain education

Functional Exercise Physiotherapy Consultations

Expert & specific prescription of individualised, functional exercise rehabilitation for people with multi-factorial physical issues

Clinical Pilates -
Functional Exercise Rehabilitation for Core Stability

  • I aim to develop and progress exercise programs for improving and regaining your best physical ability, particularly in those areas of pain or dysfunction in spinal regions and shoulder / pelvic girdles. This will include the use of specialised Pilates equipment in a home program.

Exercise Rehabilitation for Older Populations

  • I appreciate the strengths & weaknesses of the ageing process and design exercise to improve and maintain your balance, strength and mobility. You will increase your confidence so you can stay safe, able and stable.
  • I have post-graduate studies in the field of bone-density specific exercise programs, and will ensure your exercise is safe, relevant and achievable.

Women's Health & Exercise Physiotherapy Consultations

Specific advice and evidence-based exercise in the management and recovery of pain & dysfunction through all stages of a woman's life.

Women in the childbearing years:

  • I will problem-solve the underlying causes of any back, hip pain or pelvic girdle pain related to pregnancy and childbirth. I value the necessity of safe exercise plans in pregnancy and preparation for labour, and will guide a return to optimal recovery and function post-natally. I advise in pelvic floor retraining (excluding internal examinations).

Women in menopause:

  • I have post-graduate studies in the field of bone-density specific exercise programs, and will ensure your exercise is safe, relevant and achievable. I have an understanding of the complexities of the menopause and post-menopause stages of life. Knowing this, I include pelvic floor exercise training, progressive graduated exercise programs for core stability, strength, balance and bone density management, and stress relief strategies.

Mindfulness for Pain & Stress Management

A whole-person approach to decreasing pain, stress and anxiety with integration of mindfulness and Explain Pain Education. 

Mind-body health - meditation, mindfulness and Tai Chi

  • I am passionate about improving the mental health of our society and will address and work collaboratively with all people in the management of stress and emotional intelligence using a diverse range of mindfulness, Tai Chi for health and meditation approaches.

Persistent pain : education & therapeutic exercise

  • For those with longstanding pain and restricted functional ability, my endeavour is to help people see what is possible in creating positive change in their lives. I will educate, support and guide a paced plan of safe, achievable mindful movement, and an awareness of the neuroscience in the ‘explain pain’ approach. Practical strategies for daily living underpin the change.