Mindfulness for Well-being

These workshops or individual consultations will introduce you to stress management strategies with education on daily mindfulness tips, mindful movement & stretches, relaxation and meditative breathing techniques.

  • Make time to empower your own health
  • Relax your body with mindful awareness
  • Teach your brain to switch off tension and pain
  • Change your perspective on stress
  • Refresh your mind with meditation

With regular practice you can empower your health to feel the long term benefits of optimum well-being

We offer a mind and body program that will introduce you to stress relief strategies with an integration of mindfulness approaches into daily life. This comprehensive approach is taught and applied by a holistic physiotherapist aimed at achieving balance in physical and mental well-being. To assist with creating lifestyle change there is an education component that merges neuroscience research with mindfulness-based emotional intelligence principles. You will experience practices in meditation, mindful movement, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Contact us for details and dates on the next upcoming retreat or workshop: amanda@hoganhealth.com.au

Or phone 0409577940 to make an appointment to see Mandy Hogan.