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Do you want to bend, reach and twist without pain at sport or work?

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Is it time to create change to find the best of yourself?

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Meet The Hogan Health Team

Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Consultations


My passion is to help people keep doing, or get back to doing the things that they love doing!

My areas of passion and expertise lies in:

  • helping people manage long-standing complex back & neck pain
  • working with sports injury diagnosis and recovery
  • treating joint, muscle and tendon problems
  • diagnosing vertigo, dizziness and headache problems       

Women's Health and Exercise (Clinical Pilates) Physiotherapy Consultations


I love to positively impact health & well-being with education & exercise, and endeavour to help people to create positive change in their lives.

My areas of passion and expertise lies in:

  • prescribing individualized Clinical Pilates functional exercise
  • assisting with recovery of pain and dysfunction in women’s health issues​​​​
  • integrating mindfulness strategies for relief of stress, anxiety & persistent pain