Is it time to restore balance in your life?

Take time to retreat. 

Create space to Simply Be. 

Join us to indulge your mindful senses in the King Valley, Victoria.

Each day is a gift. Open it. Celebrate. Enjoy.

Find space to balance energy and stillness, yin and yang, movement and mindfulness. 

Experience techniques in meditative breathing, body scan, mindful movement that focus on mind and body health.

Calm the breath, calm the body, calm the mind. 

Retreat Program Outline

Time to breathe - Experience techniques in meditative breathing, body scan, mindful movement.

Time to learn - Concepts in stress management and mindful attitudes.

Time to be - Awakening your senses amidst solitude in the natural beauty of the vineyard and the rushing King river.

Time to know - Practice and consolidate further techniques in relaxation and attention centring.

Time to move- find your energy flow and restore calm to body and mind with Qigong and mindful stretch sessions in nature

Time to nurture - Feed the body and soul in gastronomic pleasure with indulgence in Sambar Hills wine and dining in local gourmet restaurants

An enchanting rural setting nestled between the bush and the Ovens River

Glamour cabins overlooking the vineyard

Making time for you



Vineyard accommodation, mindfulness and relaxation

-all in a stunning place of natural beauty

Course Presenter - Mandy Hogan, Exercise & Women’s Health Physiotherapist, (Post Grad. Cert.)


For more information or to register interest.

Ph 0409 577940

Retreat dates on application. Bookings are essential.

Vineyard, river gums and  steep rising hills, 

Peaceful reflections on nearby Lake William Hovell

stillness and breathwork for
health of mind and body

Create mindful lifestyle habits

  • Revitalise your life with a meditation practice 
  • Calm the mind
  • Cultivate compassion & gratitude
  • Relax with breathing techniques
  • reduce the effect of stress & anxietY

Movement and exercise for health
of mind and body

Move well for a happy, healthy body
  • Revive and balance your body
  • Re-invigorate fun in exercise and movement 
  • Restore energy and health
  • Rewire your brain for happiness 

Make the time for Mind and Body