Does your organisation want happy, healthy and productive workers in a safe workplace?

If so, Hogan Health Consulting offers physiotherapy and a range of workplace assessment and training options to enhance the productive working lives of your employees.

At Hogan Health Consulting we promote:

Safe Working Solutions

Workplace Assessment & Training

for Peak Production Performance

Healthy Work Environments

Occupational Physiotherapy

for Prevention, Recovery & Rehabilitation

Mindful Well-being 

Work Health Seminars

for Empowered & Engaged Employees

Occupational Physiotherapy Service

Knowledge & Experience

Our physiotherapists, Martin and Mandy Hogan have been working with injured workers and in occupational work settings for 30 years. With postgraduate professional qualifications and regional experience we can guarantee our excellent clinical reasoning abilities, refined assessment skills and expert knowledge of physiology, tissue healing and biomechanics to assist you with workplace prevention and injury management solutions.
Our Physiotherapists recognise the importance of work-related physical conditioning, functional education, Return-To-Work planning, independence and self-management.

As an experienced Occupational Physiotherapist, Mandy Hogan has worked within manufacturing, health and corporate industries for over 20 years, to develop a broad range of high-level consulting services. She designs innovative risk management solutions that are customised to the individual requirements of each workplace .

Mandy has provided consultancy in the implementation of risk controls in many NE Victorian organisations. Amongst these are Brown Brothers, Schneider Electric Benalla, Department of Disability Services; Hume Region, regional Kindergarten & Childcare centres, Rural City of Wangaratta, Rural City of Benalla, St John's Aged care facility, Rangeview Aged care facility, and Alpine Shire.


With an ageing workforce, and a recognised skills shortage, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that both employees and employers are not affected by chronic workplace injury or illness. Many of the common musculoskeletal disorders that physiotherapists treat are, to a great extent, preventable. We have the expertise to assess work capacity and identify suitable duties in all phases of the injury/illness-recovery continuum.
Our Physiotherapists have extensive knowledge and understanding of the relationship between work history, work practice, work environment, lifestyle and mechanisms of injury and illness.

Proven Injury Prevention Strategies

Our Work Health & Safety physiotherapy interventions includes workplace-based ergonomic and risk management processes. Work design, education, training, appropriate health supervision and early intervention (where injury does occur) are some of the ways we can deal with reducing the incidence and impact of injury and illness to workers

Safe Working Solutions -
Workplace Assessment & Training

Peak Production Performance

  • Proactive hazard identification
  • Documented risk assessment
  • Effective risk control implementation
  • Innovative OHS solutions
  • Tailored training for risk reduction

Hogan Health Consulting will make a significant contribution to improving your workplace health, promoting safety culture and implementing optimal return to work outcomes for injured workers. We provide workplace assessment and training solutions for reducing risk and injury and enhancing physical and mental well-being in the workplace.

Peak Production Performance

Worksite Risk Assessments

Hogan Health Consulting offers your organisation expertise in workplace manual handling assessment.

This includes on-site risk assessment for an individual employee or for a specific manual handling task.

Management and workers will be involved in a collaborative team approach for problem-solving and implementation of a risk management approach.

This ensures compliance with legal Work Health & Safety obligations, whilst promoting a proactive safety culture.

  • Are your workers aware of the risks associated with manual handling?
  • Are they using appropriate equipment and protective postures?

Manual Handling Training

The potential for workplace injury can be minimised with a focused use of education and training throughout the organisation to support risk control implementation.

Interactive training and education is delivered to workers in a relevant, practical and effective approach to promote employee ownership of manual handling risk minimisation.

Healthy Work Environments -
Occupational Physiotherapy

Prevention, Recovery & Rehabilitation

  • Injury prevention strategies
  • Consultative team approach
  • Return to work programs
  • Healthy lifestyle recommendations
  • Ergonomic equipment prescription

All of the services and programs offered at Hogan Health Consulting include large components of education, practical exercises and expert advice as a way of empowering your organisation and your workers to effectively reduce their risks of injury and illness. Early physiotherapy intervention, treatment, health promotion and occupational rehabilitation services are valuable and effective for delivering significant outcomes in injury management and prevention.

Prevention, Recovery & Rehabilitation

Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Take advantage of our expertise in computer workplace assessments to ensure all office workstations are customised to your employees’ needs.

  • Do you need advice and exercise strategies for managing computer-related issues?
  • Are you managing repetitive postures by ensuring your employees’ workstations comply with ergonomic principles?

Enhance Health & Well-being Programs

Our healthy lifestyle programs offer exercise, nutrition and stress relief strategies to strengthen performance and relationships in the work environment.

These include:

  • Stress Relief practical classes – Mindful Stretch & Breathe
  • Tai Chi for Health workshops on-site
  • Tips for living mindfully, sleeping well, eating healthy, investing in physical well-being

Mindful Well-being
Work Health Seminars

  • Attention-focus training
  • Positive mindset
  • Emotional resilience
  • Stress relief management
  • Supportive thriving culture

There is increasing evidence that mental health issues, stress and anxiety in our modern society is impacting on workplace satisfaction, efficiency, and absenteeism. Hogan Health Consulting has combined current knowledge, practical experience, and an understanding of the mind’s influence on physical health to develop stress relief and healthy lifestyle strategies for workers. This uses a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence approach. Hogan Health Consulting delivers an industry-recognised workplace program for developing emotional intelligence and mindfulness specifically tailored to the workplace (designed by Google Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute).

Empowered & Engaged Employees

Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 

Positive attitudes, job satisfaction and team communication are essential components of a happy and productive workplace. Work-related stress requires recognition and risk management to ensure sustainable employee well-being and workplace productivity

The program teaches skilful mental habits by learning how the mind & emotions function within the context of workplace demands, stresses and expectations.

Sessions will cover a variety of topics including the practice of meditation, mindful communication, empathy & compassion, well-being & resilience and self-awareness. Participants will have the opportunity to explore these areas and develop the knowledge and concrete tools to bring the benefits of mindfulness and emotional intelligence into daily life.

Mindfulness in the Workplace [download flyer]

Mindful companies know their direction, keep their best people,
grow in innovation and find their potential.